Joe White
ArtAlienTV (YouTube)
Bio: ArtAlienTV. Alien anomaly maps. Follow the links on each gigapan page for more information and videos on the specific finds. 👉 Arguably the best collection of Mars and Moon buildings, structure ruins & objects on the net. Art, architecture, droid remains, wreckage, UFO's and vehicles shown in recent Rover & satellite space images. Mars statues, skeletal remains, calcified animals, petrified people and exposed tombs. 1000's of fine examples. Pyramids, Towers, Domes, Bunkers, City Ruins. Intelligent structures on Mars, Moon and Antarctica. Don't be fooled by the official dogma you have been lead to believe. 🧐 > My enhanced image clips are subject to copyright but the gigapan images are Creative Commons: Attribution. All these finds must be credited to ArtAlienTV unless stated otherwise. > ArtAlienTV on YouTube > ArtAlienTV - Mars Magazine (Facebook) > 👉 Please Donate with PAYPAL and help this important research. Send payments to 👉 [email protected] 👍 Very much appreciated however small 👍